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Have you ever thought about the universe and how vast the spacefield is? In all that is out there in comparison to us here on earth it seems unimaginable that we could be the only creatures around. Yet science has not been able to discover other life. Statistically it seems very possible, however, proving life on other planets is beyond our reach. Could it be we are looking in the wrong areas or even the possibility life may not be defined as we know it? We are only capable of seeing what we beleive we understand.




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"Being creative can cause one the ability
to think beyond the known. The key is in our imagination." - Anonymous


This next poem - written in 2017 reflects how we may approach life when seeking others either online, social space, or happenstance in an airport, cafe, or some other place. It's reflection is how we are, how others preceive us, and how we truly want to be seen yet inhibit our real relfection:

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In a transparent world full of opaque vails there was a moment a hand reached out to me in a thought.
I in turn reached out to touch the hand even though it's grasp was possibly for something else than what lay deep inside my vault of thoughts. 

Even as one segmented expression found its way out to paint an iridescent reflection of me,
I die every time to have someone find my true identity. 

Gently touching, grasping desperately at times.
Pressing, yearning for the light to shine.
Shine to illuminate the the path that hides the gentle beast waiting to be set free.
Chains self inflicted by society and me.
Once released the beast is no more than a vulnerable creature small and pure.
No different then many waiting for the same discovery and freeing of pain self inflicted. 

Butterfly set free in the center of the mind
only to reveal the glass case we find
entwined in a transparent world of opaque vails. 

You see me and I see you - hello - and we walk on....
pondering the thought should I look back or wonder on. 

And as if a page torn from some great play do we dare stay and take part?
Participate in a role either different or the same that repeats overtime for many others.
A history to replay or the desperate act of making it unique since time is short and this is the chance.
Create a new page no matter how it plays out or similar to others. 

Each painting is unique.
Each song,
each sunrise,
each moment no matter what others think.
To express begins the release of a new song.
A new song no matter what others think. 

My transparent world of opaque vails.
Who will see the real image of me?


Nehire – in Kazakh it means “to the river”

Song - "Nehire" -- Click to play song
original composition and performance by Gregory


There is an expectation when we go down to the river

There are times when she is calm or a rushing menace

Life altering she can be so many things to so many living creatures

She can be seen as a goddess and one of great spirituality

Over time she can carve out new features along the way

At other times she can cover features to be seen no more

She has the ability to erode the hardest stone

She has the ability to be soft as silk

Yes, she can be so many things at the same time
and yet one of the greatest is a the giver of life


I set myself by the river side
does she feel me nearby?

Her movements always with meaning and direction
as I peer into her with yearning and reflection

I am no match to her power and might
my weakness of fantasy in the night

The moonlight dances over her silky dress
pulling me further into duress

A spellbound mastery of swirling waters
causes me instantly to falter

My futile attempts to float upon her
cast aside with breath to linger

Closing my eyes I begin to ponder
what its like to be in the water

Churning together in a rhythmic song
is where I yearn to belong


Song - "Grettah"
original composition and performance by Gregory
15:26 ~
~ Download


Though a ray of light shines down upon me illuminating the path
It speaks softly of a time of things yet to be.....
Adventure, Life, Happiness, and Growth

I sit in a pool of warm waters
Comfort and healing surrounds me.....
Thoughts, Reflection, and Understanding

Looking upward to the sky above
These are the things that mean more to me.....
Peace, Joy, Love, and Hope

Reaching out to others
I feel hope to spread these things.....
Love of Hope and the Growth of Joy

~ Gregory

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